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Consilo Dental Design and Fitout service, operating in Brisbane and surrounding areas, starts by refining the purpose and aspirations of your project. With expertise in optimising space for enhanced efficiency and benefits, Consilo focuses on influencing how people feel and behave in the transformed environment, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each dental practice.

Our range of Fitout Services

Reception Area with Waiting Seats

Medical Fitouts

We accommodate the needs of every medical center, from smaller clinics to larger healthcare facilities requiring custom-built spaces. Our medical center design and fitouts enhance space utilisation to maximize operational effectiveness.

Open-plan office layout by Consilo at TechnologyOne, crafted for flexibility and team interaction. Modern office interior with sleek furniture and bright lighting

Office Fitouts

We blend functionality with innovation, creating spaces that foster community, collaboration, and individual work styles. By integrating advanced technology, vibrant designs, and wellness-focused amenities, they deliver environments that not only align with corporate branding but also enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Dental Fitouts

By promoting patient satisfaction and practitioner productivity, Consilo’s expertise in Dental Designs and Fitouts ensures that we deliver dental practices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional workspaces that dental practitioners and their colleagues enjoy working in.


Full Open Class Builder's Licence.


Extensive structural integrity warranty

Fully Insured

Peace of Mind with Every Project

Infection Control

Designed to embrace infection control best practices

Fire Safety

Adherence to all fire safety regulations

Designing Excellence

Comprehensive Dental Fit-Out Services by Consilo

Concept Design

By understanding your vision and strategy for your workspace, our team uses their expertise to create a bespoke dental clinic concept design that is not only functional and considerate of equipment requirements but also compliant with council and health regulations.

Thorough Site Analysis

Our team performs an in-depth analysis of your practice location. Consilo uses 3D Scanning Technology. This advanced scanning process goes beyond the surface, delving into structural restrictions, access limitations, plumbing intricacies, and mechanical constraints. Capturing every millimetre of your space, we ensure a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies, enabling precision in the subsequent phases of the design and construction journey.

Space Planning

Step into the virtual realm with our 3D Viewing Technology, where we present a detailed design of your upcoming practice. Immerse yourself in the envisioned functionality and aesthetics, gaining a tangible sense of your future space before construction commences. This transformative experience ensures alignment with your vision, budget, and timeline.

Pre-Fitout Design Development​

At this stage, Consilo conducts the Consilient Design Process, compiling the architectural drawings package. The team collaborates closely with stakeholders, landlords, centre management, and local councils to ensure all details are precise and all necessary approvals are in granted. Our team ensure financial documentation, including a detailed costing, and a complete scope of work is approved before moving forward.

Project Management

Join the Consilo Family at the beginning of the construction phase. During this stage, we hold a pre-fitout meeting to ensure project clarity for our clients and build teams. A dedicated Consilo Project Director and key personnel are assigned to oversee timelines, milestones, payments, and communication preferences, ensuring seamless project coordination.

Fitout Construction

Witness the inception of construction through to completion. Throughout your project, you’ll enjoy regular updates, site visits, and feedback, with any changes and variations documented in our straightforward, accessible project management software.

Project Handover

Look forward to the pivotal moment of the project handover. We ensure a flawless completion and provide a detailed handover package, including warranties and care instructions. Our teams facilitate a seamless transition as you bring your dream health practice to life.

Expertise in action

Client Testimonials

Consilo were a pleasure to work with during the fitout of our new premises. They made the design and planning really easy.

Andrew Malloy

A huge thank you for your amazing work. Love everything that you have done for us!

Srihari Embath

After a thorough search of the market we took cost estimates from, Consilo fared the best in price and design. They built us a clinically functional, patient friendly and simplistic 4 Surgery modern styled practice that was built to last. With no doubt at heart we will use Consilo’s services again in the future.

Hassan Rajabian

Amazing service! Thank you Roy and All of the team at Consilo who are truly one of a kind when it comes to customer care."

Hafiz Jutha

Anyone wanting quality for a good price, talk to these guys! They are the best in the market! Knowledge and Experience is their backbone! Thanks Consilo!"

David Lakatos

Consilo's portfolio, designs and ideas, were something we absolutely loved. The fitout timelines guarantee was important to us. They guided us through every stage of the fitout process and we ended up with a surgery that beautiful and very functional.

Bharvik Damodar

Consilo were very accommodating with the way we operate, which is typically very dynamic. We loved working with Consilo and we definitely would recommend using them for your fitouts, they know what they're doing, they came up with fantastic solutions the whole way though.

Pauline Kennedy

If you're looking to work with Consilo get to know them. We had the opportunity to work with them on a day to day basis. They're genuine, they're honest and they're trustworthy. If you're thinking to work with Consilo, pick up the phone and just have a chat.

Paul Bickham


What is the average fit out cost for a dental clinic?

Fitout cost for dental clinics can start at around $100,000.00. However, depending on your building requirements and the scope of works the cost will vary. Consilo have developed a process that allows for a precise quote which is tailored to your specific needs, including a complimentary on-site assessment.

A dental design and fit-out by Consilo encompasses concept plans, design proposals, building approvals and construction plans, finishes selections, and furniture procurement. Our unique service includes customised design solutions that reflect each practice’s ethos, using innovative materials within healthcare guidelines for functionality and comfort. The process also involves design management and coordination throughout construction.

Yes, dental fit-out costs may qualify for tax deductions.  For further clarification and expert advice on maximising your deductions for a dental fit-out, consider contacting an accountant for more detailed assistance.

Your build time will depend on your scope of works. Consilo has previously taken as little as 4 weeks to demo an operating health practice and rebuild as per the agreed scope. 

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