What’s in a Name?

It is a very strange feeling changing what you are called after thirty years. We’ve been a family company called DENTEC since our establishment in 1990, and in those days our name pretty much summed up what we were good at – designing dental interiors with the technical equipment correctly and safely installed. But as our business broadened to embrace medical practices and then other allied healthcare services the name became something of a constraint. It was a name that reflected only part of our business offering.

Other things have also changed over that thirty-year period. We are now a leading brand in the Australian market with a footprint that extends across the Eastern seaboard – we have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We take great pride in creating contemporary interiors that fuse aesthetic looks with new materials compliant with health guidelines. We’re a modern company that is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and best practice in our market sector. We felt now was a good time to take a look at our company name and bringing it in line with what we do and the modernity of our approach.

CONSILO isn’t a name that springs immediately to mind, but nor is it one plucked from the air. It originates from the latin ‘consilio’ translating into the English word ‘design’ and also meaning ‘by design’ – denoting a strong sense of purpose. We have shortened it to CONSILO and created a typeface that we believe gives us a distinctive and modern look, one that is in line with the contemporary interiors we create for our own clients.

Whilst it is designed to refresh and rejuvenate our company brand it in no way changes our culture, family values and the commitment we have to open and trusting relationships with healthcare partners.

So, in answer to the headline, a new name will help us more accurately describe what we do, but it won’t change how we do it. We remain proud of the people we work with and retain a genuine desire to ensure every project ends with a ‘WOW’ from the people we work for.

The Consilo Team.