Adore Dental

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane
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More Project details:
Project size: 100-500 sqm
Project duration: 6-8 months
Project overview

Adore Dental, led by Dr. Ellie, is set to redefine the dental experience with its modern design concept. The exterior boasts a sleek facade and upon entering the reception space you are met with a grand yet inviting arched bulkhead and energy-efficient glass windows that flood the reception area with natural light. Inside, the reception area has a warm, textured ambiance, featuring a stylish reception desk and cozy seating arrangements, welcoming patients. Two treatment rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure patient comfort and care. A consultation area ensures personalized patient interaction, while a discreet sterilization area ensures hygiene standards are met. For the dental team, a comfortable staff lounge and office space offer a place to relax and work efficiently. With amenities like modern restroom facilities, Adore Dental prioritizes customer care and comfort, making it a premier destination for dental services in a truly modern and soothing atmosphere.

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