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Modern Desks Design at Wellness Medical and Skin Cancer Clinic in Springfield Central, Queensland - Sleek and Functional Workstations for Efficient Workflow

Refurbishment Series – Part 6

Part 6: What your Healthcare Practice Needs to Operate Legally There is a huge role of responsibility that comes with managing and owning a healthcare products and services. Along with the added responsibilities of employing staff and the financial and personal risks of running a business, you also have the responsibility of looking after your local community. A healthcare practice fitout can be a daunting event; ensuring the space and materials used meet legal standards along with any personal licences

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Consulting Room

Refurbishment Series – Part 5

Part 5: On-site Requirements During Refurbs and Builds Over decades of actively working to improve the functionality and design of many Australian health practices, Consilo

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Market Square Family Medical Practice — Elegant Lighting Design in Brisbane by Consilo

Refurbishment Series – Part 3

Part 3: Healthcare Practitioners Since first opening our doors in 1997, Consilo has built a reputation for design and building excellence in therapeutic industries. When

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