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How to Design an Eco-Friendly Fitout

7 July 2022

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If you are on the hunt for medical or dental fitout specialists – good news, you have come to the right place! Here at Consilo, we are industry experts when it comes to design and fitouts in the healthcare and dental industries. Since 1990, we have been passionately building a business doing what we love: designing and creating sophisticated healthcare practices, backed by a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff. 

When it comes to medical and dental fitouts, more and more clients are looking for ways to approach this process in a way that is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. With the climate change crisis at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it makes sense that people want to take action to reduce their carbon footprint, using resources more mindfully and efficiently, and seeking solutions to mitigate the impact of global warming on the planet.

Luckily, there are elements you can take into consideration to approach your office or medical fitout in a way that stays true to your brand’s vision and design whilst being sustainable and eco-friendly. Read on to find out more about the different stages of the fitout process and how these can be approached in an eco-friendlier way.

Hire sustainable fitout contractors and suppliers

You will be looking for a fitout specialist or contractor who will be able to guarantee that the project can be delivered as sustainably as possible. Their supplies will be part of a fully sustainable supply chain, where the use of recyclable materials and natural resources will be favoured over other solutions. They will push for as much material to be recycled as possible and endeavour to keep landfill waste to a minimum. Although this might come at a slightly higher cost, there are other ways to keep costs down further along in the fitout process.

Sustainable tech and smart solutions

Assess how energy-efficient your building is before locking into a contract as a building’s energy performance will have a direct impact on the level of energy efficiency that can be achieved in that workspace. Artificial lighting solutions such as swapping light bulbs to energy-saving/LED lights are a good way to be energy efficient. Other natural forms of lighting such as skylights, translucent wall panels, and bay windows can be factored in when it comes to design and layout. Eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or recycled timber for flooring or wall paneling are great, as well as polished concrete and linoleum. It is also crucial that heating, cooling, and ventilation options are thought about carefully.

Choose eco-friendly furniture, storage, and decoration

Although you should be considering environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials such as wood and metal, that doesn’t mean that you should write-off plastic furniture. 100% recycled plastic furniture can be a smart, eco-friendly choice for furniture that is affordable and sustainable. Make sure that whatever you do, you buy sustainably produced furniture from trusted, certified suppliers. Indoor gardens and vertical green walls are a fantastic way to keep the workspace thriving, and connection to nature has been proved to encourage productivity. It is also a great option for improving air quality and boosting oxygen levels. When it comes to painting the office, opt for eco-friendly office paint that is low-toxic and carries a green certification.

Closing thoughts

All businesses should be making the move towards being more environmentally friendly and making sustainability a priority, not just when it comes to the design and fitout of a workspace but in everyday work life. Your medical or dental fitout will inevitably reflect your business’s environmental conscience, and hopefully, these tips have helped inform you a bit more about the process. If you need any information about the medical or dental fitout services that we offer here at Consilo, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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