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Time for a Refurb?

7 July 2022

Southport Dentist — Dental Waiting Space in Brisbane, Queensland

If you work in healthcare services, you will probably be well aware of the benefits of a new fitout. Are you considering investing in health office fitouts Melbourne or beyond? Take into consideration elements such as time, constraints, cost, and functionality are important, deciding on how to approach a fitout or refurb should be done thoughtfully and decisions shouldn’t be rushed. Approaching specialists such as ourselves here at Consilo can help make the process a little easier, and we’ll do our best to guide and advise you on your medical fitout so that your place of work looks the best that it can for your patients and staff.

Although there will be many construction and design companies offering various services you could benefit from, make sure you consider the following information when it comes to making your decision.


As soon as a client or patient visits to your clinic, they want to be greeted with an inviting environment that makes them feel comfortable and puts them at ease. Making sure that the clinic is well laid out and appropriately furnished will do a lot for the space, but most importantly, it will help with fostering a pleasant atmosphere for whoever is visiting. At the end of the day, ensuring a positive outcome for the patient’s experience is paramount and by creating a good impression from the get-go, you can guarantee that anyone leaving the clinic will feel contented and relaxed.

Maximise Floor Space

With regards to design, considering layout is crucial as it is a fantastic opportunity for you to take a look at how to use your space most efficiently. This rings especially true for dental clinics, as patient rooms are often on the smaller side, and you’ll want to maximise the floor space that has been allocated in the design of the clinic. Also, medical environments have different design considerations to dental clinics. Space must be allocated for people to move freely and have sufficient room for all furniture and equipment.


It’s great to see clinics and practices moving with the times when it comes to design and aesthetics. No longer are we greeted with sterile, uninviting spaces when going for a dental check-up or a GP appointment. Picking colour palettes that are soft and neutral is important, as well as selecting furniture that is comfortable and functional. These are just some of the ways to boost your space, ensuring that clients feel relaxed and staff are content and productive.

Outshine Competitors

By investing in a healthcare fitout that is thoughtfully designed and expertly executed, your facility or clinic will be able to stand out from the crowd and help distinguish your healthcare centre from your competitors. Your client’s experience will be enhanced by an inviting space, making them more likely to come back and potentially recommend your practice or clinic to others. 


Medical and dental practices must keep up to date with mandatory regulations for Workplace Health and Safety compliance. It’s especially critical to pay attention to these requirements throughout the design and construction phases of your healthcare fitout. This is the most important thing you can do for your patients and staff, helping to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Budget & Time

Utilising a company that specialises in medical and dental fitouts will ensure that you have people working for you that understand your specific business, operational, and equipment needs and can tailor your requests and requirements to suit your needs and budget.