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Dental Fitout Brisbane

7 July 2022

Southport Dentist — Dental Fit Out Design in Brisbane by Consilo

Opening a new dental practice could be a stressful event. Have you heard stories from friends or colleagues about their good and bad experiences? Did they manage their project themselves or did they source help from a team that knows what they’re doing? Opening your practice doesn’t have to be stressful? You can have expert help when it comes to your new dental fitout in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere.

Utilising the experience that comes with a company that has completed countless fitouts, allows you to have as much input into your fitout as you want. Are you wanting to add your personality or practice flow to your practice, but want a guiding judgement on what works and what is to clinical standards? The fitout team can isolate areas of the project for you to focus on. While other areas are being managed without you needing to have direct oversight of it. This can be hugely advantageous if you don’t have the hours to spare or are setting up your practice remotely.

One of the largest factors to consider is time. Just how long will it all take to complete? This is important whether you are building your first practice, or redesigning and fitting a current one. Perhaps even more so for the latter. It isn’t just the materials, equipment, and labour you need to organise concurrently, have you organised your radiation certificates, building certificate of completion, and all appropriate council and government approvals? Our team has a foolproof process to ensure your practice is built from the ground up, efficiently. You can choose how much time you are willing to spare. 

Have you thought about lighting throughout your practice? Did you know there are lighting standards for healthcare practices in Australia? With the experience our team has, we can easily clarify whether your practice has the correct lighting. Our team design up Lighting and Illuminance plans, taking into consideration the natural lighting your space has, what task lighting you require and calculates this illuminance with the standards. Window placement and furnishing, including the use of a double layer blind system, are considered options for allowing natural lighting to flow in while maintaining privacy when needed.

The team will also help you understand and choose the right colour paints for the space you have. If your practice is smaller our team may encourage you to choose lighter shades opening up the room. Often darker shades can give the impression of a smaller or enclosed space. This can then be directly tied into the flooring choice. As you will want something that matches and complements your choice of paint.

Finally, the type of furniture and the amount you require can be discussed. While you don’t want to go completely minimalistic, you also don’t want to go overboard either. Understanding the right mix will be important to give you patients a place to wait. But also allow the flow of your practice to continue. 

Though these aren’t all the tips and advice that will be given to you from our professional team. It will help you get your practice heading in the right direction. For any further information or to get a quote for your dental fitout, please contact our professional team at Consilo