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The Art & Science Of Health Practice Fitouts 

15 November 2023

At Consilo, we’re not JUST in the business of crafting health practice fitouts for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and QLD practices … 

We’re in the business of crafting exceptional healthcare spaces that reflect the unique vision of every client. 

Our commitment is to simplify the process of designing and constructing your practice, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care to your patients.

Beyond Just Construction

The prospect of a new fitout and everything it entails is quite daunting – there’s a lot to think about and you’re probably not sure where to start. Afterall, you’re a medical expert, NOT a designer or builder.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Here’s some of the reasons you might approach us for help:

Your lease is expiring soon

If your lease is expiring in the next 12 months, you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to renew it or lease a new space. 

Either way you’ll need a new health practice fitout.

But the whole lease process is complicated and a lot of work. To add a fitout project on top of all that – we understand, it feels like you don’t have time for it.

Don’t worry, we take care of the stress and legwork – helping with lease renewals and managing paperwork and stakeholders is all part of The Consilo Experience. Fitouts are an investment in your future. Any lease you sign will most likely be for 5-10 years and you’ll want your practice to still look great at the end of that term so you can sell it (if you want).

You have an upgraded vision for your brand

If you’re coming to us, it’s because your new fitout needs a quality look and needs to really stand out. You want it to feel really inviting. After all, patients don’t like stale-looking health practices. With new Consilo clients, we really dive into how they want their new practice to look and feel:

The brand vision.

You definitely don’t want it to feel like a hospital room where everything’s rubber, plastic, white, cold and clinical. You want – no, you need – something much better than that to match your brand vision.

Producing a new fitout seems expensive, complex and a lot of work. 

Health professionals don’t just come to us for our construction and design prowess. But because we are a full-service provider with a reliable timeline and oodles of advice along the way.

In short, we take you through the process, step by step. Right from the first phone call, before anything is signed. All the way to the final walkthrough and ongoing support.

The advice we provide our clients extends to construction, renewing leases, handling approvals and certificates, business KPIs and profitability, even impact on exit strategy and more.

“The Consilo Experience”

We have affectionately named the process we take every client through “The Consilo Experience”. It’s a streamlined, end-to-end process that brings clarity to your practice fitout journey. 

We understand that design and fitout construction is not your expertise. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed the process to protect your time, offering you the guidance, insights, and confidence you’ll need to make informed decisions along the way.

With Consilo, you’ll have everything you need to create the ideal practice that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Inspiring Workspaces

OK, take a minute to imagine your new health practice, once the fitout is complete and operational. Here’s what you can expect.

Attract, Retain and Impress More Patients

The design, look and feel of your practice is a direct reflection of your professionalism.

Your new health practice design sets the tone for each patient as soon as they walk through the door. And that reflects the style of practice you are.

Your practice will sub-communicate the warm, caring, professional service you provide. It will defuse any anxiety patients might have, right from the moment they walk through the doors.

You’ll notice patients commenting on how beautiful and spacious the practice is.

Here’s a really good example, from our work with Adore Dental:

[PORTFOLIO: Adore Dental]

Great practice fitouts attract great staff

Post-fitout you’ll notice improvements in productivity, staff morale and efficiency.

Not only are our fitouts beautiful – they’re practical and absolutely usable.

The placement of key amenities are well thought out, which enables you and your team to operate with ease and comfort.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to work in a dingey little room that’s old, not designed well, and outdated – especially medical professionals. 

So, Consilo practices are designed right from the staff to make staff feel comfortable and inspired. That helps you grow your business, and retain quality, happy staff.

An Exceptional, Inspiring, Warm, Stylish Practice:

You’ll seriously impress your colleagues and the medical community with your practice’s new modern, unique and cool look. 

Every day you’ll feel proud that this is your practice and inspired to come to work.

Sounds nice, right?

Why is Consilo the leader in Health Practice Fitouts?

Choosing the right partner to bring your vision – your MISSION – to life is one of the most important decisions you’ll make this year. Here’s why Consilo clients trust us:

  1. Our project portfolio speaks for itself. The quality design vision in every project we work on is self-evident. Our designs go beyond clinical functionality and will change the perception of your services. Take a few minutes to look through our portfolio here.
  2. A history spanning 30 years, Consilo boasts a foundation of more than three decades of experience, which permeates every touchpoint of our work.
  3. Fitout timeline guarantee coupled with a fixed price. Consilo projects come with  assurance of exact opening dates and pricing predictability.
  4. Up front value. The Consilo sales process allows you to map out designs and understand benefits, costs and vision before anything is signed. 
  5. Consilo embraces cutting-edge technology. From the very beginning, we employ state of the art tools, such as our impressive 3D scanning machine and design tools. That allows us to mitigate risks and ensure absolute precision in our work.

“The Consilo Experience”: what to expect

Here’s a step by step overview of “The Consilo Experience” and what to expect during your project

1 – Understanding Your Vision: 

We start by exploring your practice’s vision. What’s the design, function, budget, and timeline you have in mind? Everything is flexible and collaborative at this stage.

Expected Timeframe: Weeks 1 – 2

2 – Site Assessment and 3D Scanning: 

We visit your location, assess the layout, and leverage our 3D scanning technology for precise measurements, ensuring our designs are pinpoint accurate.

Expected Timeframe: Weeks 2 – 3

3 – Fitout Design Concept: 

We create a fitout concept based on your approved brief and site measurements, keeping you in the loop while sticking to your budget.

Expected Timeframe: Weeks 4 – 5

4 – 3D Design Presentation: 

You experience your practice in our 3D simulator! We virtually walk you through every room, aligning it with your vision and budget, and document your feedback.

Expected Timeframe: Weeks 5 – 6

5 – Design Proposal: 

The Consilo Design Proposal is a capped fee, only payable if you choose not to proceed with us. It’s the final stage for an approved construction design, including stakeholder approvals and financial documentation.

Expected Timeframe: Weeks 6 – 12

6 – Pre-Fitout Meeting: 

This is the initial fitout stage. We run a meeting to clarify project details, assign a Project Manager, and establish communication preferences.

Expected Timeframe: Fitout Week 1

7 – Construction Management: 

During the fitout, your Project Manager maintains regular communication, organises site visits, handles changes and variations, and keeps you informed of payment milestones.

Expected Timeframe: Fitout Weeks 2 – 14

8 – Practical Completion: 

The final walkthrough ensures your practice exceeds your expectations. We address any outstanding issues, provide warranties, manuals, and even assist in a Grand Opening event to celebrate an epic project!.

Expected Timeframe: Fitout Week 14 – 15

Wrapping It All Up … 

At Consilo, we don’t just deliver stunning design, quality fitouts, and on-time delivery.

“The Consilo Experience” completely reimagines Health Practices. 

As a client, you’ll feel heard, informed, and excited about your new practice.

At the end of the day, our mission is to bring your vision to life, so you can deliver health experiences that your patients, staff and community truly appreciate.

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